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16" Hand Hammered Aluminum Dish

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  • SKU: RC3145-AL.
  • Beautiful decorative bowl.
  • Can be used as a decorative bowl or birdbath.
  • Made of pure aluminum.
  • A great addition and complement to rain chains.
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  • 16" Dia. x 3" Deep.

This Aluminum Dish is designed to be useful for many purposes.! Fill it with pebbles or plant it with ground cover for a gorgeous effect! Use it indoors as a container, fruit display, or whatever else you can think of. Just like our Hammer Copper Dish, but made of pure aluminum.

About Garm Beall
Garm is an avid gardener and passionate about elegant, functional accents in both home and garden. He founded his company on the theme of creative functionality and superior customer service. His products are made from the highest quality and the thickest copper, brass, aluminum and iron materials. All cup styles are designed for the best water flow, even in heavy rainfall. Every chain comes with a gutter attachment piece - and they are easy to install! In general, cup styles will carry more water than link chains without splashing.
Country of Manufacture India
Brands RainChains.com
Product Dimensions 16" Diameter x 3" High

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