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Rain Chains

Rain Chains

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What is a rain chain? Rain Chains are an elegant and charming addition to your home and garden, and Rainchains are a great alternative to gutter downspouts and traditional rain gutters. Ambiance is instantly transformed when rain water tumbles visibly down your rainchain, creating a beautiful waterfall sound. Copper rain chains in cup style, link style and themed style designs have been used in Japan for centuries and have only recently become popular in America. Nutshell Stores has the lowest prices on rain chains and all rainchain orders ship free.

The practical and aesthetic appeal of copper rain chains has made them very popular with gardeners, homeowners, landscaping companies and outdoor enthusiasts. Most rain chains will develop a beautiful patina finish over time and can be attached to most gutter systems. Rainchains also complement traditional copper gutters and gutter downspouts. We have an incredible selection of brass, iron, aluminum, wooden and copper rain chains by leading designers like; Garm Beall, Rainchains.com, Oregon Garden Art, and Good Directions with some of them designed and patented in the USA! We also have installation kits, leader heads, copper dishes and other rain chain accessories .

We have free shipping and the best prices on all rain chains and rain chain accessories - every day! So visit our store and accessorize your life and home with a rain chain that will add charm and elegance to your outdoor living spaces.


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