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Cup Style Rain Chains

Cup Style Rain Chains

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Rain chains are used as an outdoor accessory to enhance your home and are functional downspouts adding to the beauty of your surroundings. Our rain chains can be easily installed with the included v-hook. You are sure to be the envy of your neighbors.

Rain chains produce a melodious sound when rain water trickles down the length of the chain; the sound radiates positive energy and enhances the feng shui of your homes surroundings. Besides this positive factor, rainchains also make your home very stylish and welcoming.

The material of choice for rain chains is copper and we have many styles for you to choose from including cup style (able to handle heavy rainfall), link style and garden themed as well as the accessories to complete your ensemble; all at unbelievably low prices plus free shipping. Rainchains In A Nutshell offers rain chains 8.5 ft in length; suitable for most homes…but in case you need a custom length we offer many styles by the foot. Pure copper rain chains last a lifetime and do not rust. In fact they develop a beautiful brownish patina on the surface which enhances its beauty. Rain chains are the best alternative to plastic or aluminum or vinyl downspouts. In fact, rain chains are gaining popularity as a choice for new home owners as awareness is growing among those who support a more green, eco-friendly way of living. Not only do they add beauty to your home, they are great for collecting rain water in rain barrels for use in hydrating your flower pots, plants and landscaping.

Installation of rain chains is a cinch. Each rain chain comes with a v-hook and installation instructions. They become the focal point of your home and outdoor surroundings every time it rains. Once rain chains are properly installed the smooth flow of rain water down the length of the rain chain is seamless and a sight to enjoy; creating an impressive visual and audio effect. Rain chains are now in high demand for their beauty, durability, versatility and affordability. Get your rain chain at Rainchains In A Nutshell. We offer competitive pricing and free shipping every day.


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