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Link Style Rain Chains

Link Style Rain Chains

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Link style rain chains are an attractive replacement for conventional aluminum or vinyl gutter downspouts. Where traditional downspouts are often hidden or placed out of sight, link style copper rain chains can accent the architecture and add great curb appeal. Link style rain chains convey water downward from the gutter via a series of stylized brass, aluminum or copper chain links. They also can be used to enhance the look of a water reclamation system, when combined with cisterns or rain barrels.

Rain Chains have gained popularity in the United States and in the western world largely over the last decade. In Japan, where they originated, they have been in use for hundreds of years. Called “kusari doi” in Japanese, rain chains have traditionally been used as a decorative downspout on both temples and domestic residences. Considered both aesthetically pleasing and functional, they guided rain water run-off from the roof. Rain chains came to wider attention beyond Japan in the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano. Since then, rain chains have steadily grown in popularity outside of Japan, and in particular the United States.

Appreciated for their functional and aesthetic value, they have gained in popularity among homeowners, landscapers, garden enthusiasts, and designers. We offer high-quality, affordable rain chains by Garm Beall of rainchains.com, Oregon Garden Arts and Good Directions. Many of the styles are available by the foot for custom lengths based on the various roof heights available today. Rain chains are not only for downspout replacement. They can also be a unique, tranquil decorative addition to any garden or landscape setting. The Japanese had several uses for rain chains; they used them to accent architecture, garden decor and temples. They also used these chains to direct water away from their roofs, and collected this water for later household usage—they were “Green” before the movement became popular. As the market for rain chains continues to grow, Nutshell Stores will continue to offer unique new designs at low prices along with free standard shipping for our valued customers.


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