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Elevated & Raised Garden Beds

Elevated & Raised Garden Beds

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Elevated & Raised Garden Beds by Gronomics are by far the best on the market. Gronomics has made it their mission to make gardening another great American pastime. They have removed all of the obstacles to gardening, even for those with physical limitations. Elevated garden beds allow planting and tending without bending over; you may garden while sitting on a bench or chair! Raised gardening in more involved and Gronomics has designed modular gardening beds that you can painlessly add to as your gardening needs expand. Raised Garden Beds are great for small plots of veggies and/or flowers. With these beds you eliminate tilling, soil amending and minimize weeding. Constructed of 100% Western Red Cedar and handcrafted in the USA. Available Unfinished or Food Contact Safe Finish. Drip irrigation kits make gardening even easier by taking the guesswork out of watering! Enjoy great prices and free standard shipping on all elevated and raised garden beds.


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